The Advantages of Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup, which is expelled in tiny micro-particles from an aerosol-like device held a couple inches away from the skin, has been a favored method of Hollywood makeup artists for years, due to the makeup’s long-lasting wear, thorough coverage, dewy finish and how well it photographs. Additionally, aerosol makeup has the added benefit of being water-resistant.


Airbrush makeup is waterproof, and can withstand significant amounts of sweat and tears. Because it is water-resistant, it stays in place and does not smear.

Long-Lasting Finish

Airbrush makeup provides long-lasting coverage and does not cake like many regular foundations. You will not need to worry about touch-ups and reapplying your makeup during the course of your day, or worry about the makeup rubbing off on your clothing.

Thorough Coverage

Airbrush makeup provides full coverage yet does not feel heavy or thick to the touch. It also controls oil production, keeping the skin from looking shiny. It also camouflages pores, providing a smooth finish. You can use airbrush over tattoos.

Photographs Well

Airbrush makeup is often used on actors for TV and big-screen appearances because it looks flawless and natural when photographed. For this reason it is perfect for special occasions like weddings.

Can Be Custom-Blended

Airbrush makeup has the benefit of looking natural and blending in very well, as it can be mixed on the fly to match people’s skin tones. Makeup artists can mix shades to create a custom foundation color for different clients.

Benefits for the Skin

Unlike many traditional foundations, airbrush makeup is non-comodegenic and oil free, meaning it does not clog the pores. It is also hypoallergenic, and is suitable for sensitive skin, allowing it to breathe.

Easy to Apply and Remove

Airbrush makeup only takes minutes to apply, once you’ve got the hang of it, and washes off easily with soap and water.…

What are Special Effects Makeup Tips?

Halloween, costume parties, theater productions, fun dances and other such occasions call for special makeup effects. You know what effect you want to achieve, but may not have a clue how to get it. There are a few tricks that you can practice to get that professional look you desire. Many of the supplies you need are things you have around the house.

Halloween Makeup Tips

Scary Halloween effects can be made with ingredients from your pantry.

Make sure your face is clean and dry first. To make scary effects, paint your face using a mixture of one teaspoon of cornstarch, a half teaspoon of water, a half teaspoon of cold cream and some food coloring. Use your fingertips for large areas and a paint brush for making specific designs. It is easily removable and can be washed off with soap and water. Use your imagination. You can make fake injuries, bruises and blood. To make bruises, apply deep blue powder eye shadow using a dampened makeup brush. Add blots of charcoal gray and blue shadows for a realistic effect. Touch up the edges with olive green and then smudge the edges. To make blood, pour a half bottle of light corn syrup into a bowl and add hot water while stirring until you have the right consistency. Add a little liquid soap to make it easy to wash off. Drop in red food color as desired. If you want darker blood color, you can use a drop or two of blue or green food color into the mixture.

Beautiful Makeup Tips

Smokey eye effects are very popular and easy to get.

For a festive look for a dance or party, you can create a smokey eye effect. First cover your eyelids with nude shimmery eye shadow. Then, use glittery gray eye shadow from just above your eyelashes to the crease in the eyelid. Using a wet q-tip or eyeliner, place a line just above the top lash line and extend it out a little beyond the corner. Add white eye shadow right below the eyebrow and also in the corner of your eye. Make sure to blend the makeup so there are not hard lines. You may add any other color above the gray eye shadow and then blend them together. Finish the effect by curling your eyelashes and using mascara to make them stand out. For luscious lips, apply foundation over lips when you apply it to your face. Line your lips with lip liner (you can also make them fuller when you draw them on). Apply your lipstick with a brush from outside to inside. Tissue off the extra and then color them again. Coat your lips with lip gloss and add sparkle if desired. Add a bit of matching blush under cheekbones, a little on the forehead and under the chin.

Theater Makeup Tips

Special makeup effects are used often in the theater.

Theater makeup is usually heavier than what you wear every day, so the audience can see the character rather than you. Use brighter colors, more shading with blush to create contours, and finish it off with powder so it will not melt under the stage lights. It is also suggested that you use a foundation that is darker than your own skin so you will not look washed out under the lights. When applying eyeliner, try to get as close to the lashes as possible and angle the pencil for a heavier look. Use a sponge to apply makeup base. Cold cream or baby oil can be used to remove the heavy makeup. Use circular motions with your fingertips to loosen the makeup. Do not use paper products as they have abrasive qualities.


Eye Makeup Ideas

When a woman takes the time to apply eye makeup, she wants it to stand out, to look the absolute best that it can. Unfortunately, unless they are makeup artists, most women don’t know that much about applying eye makeup or the purpose of it. We generally go with what we think looks nice. However, it is possible to take your eye make up a few steps further if you learn the basics of eye makeup and read up on eye makeup ideas.

The most important thing about wearing eye makeup is that whatever you wear or whatever look you want to achieve depends on the shape and spacing of your eyes. Eye makeup is great because it can improve the way your eyes look or play up the already existing beauty of your eyes. But to get to that point, you must understand the basics of eye makeup.

The first thing is the eye makeup kit. A basic eye makeup kit contains three shades of shadow. The highlighter is the lightest shade. It would be applied first. The mid shade is the most important shade in the kit. It is the most subtle and the closest to your natural skin color. The mid shade is usually the most frequently used shade in the kit. The last shade is the contour shade. This is the darkest shade in the kit. While most women understand that the purpose of eye makeup is to accentuate the eyes, most women are afraid to be bold and daring with their eye makeup. Therefore, most women simply throw on a little liner, mascara, and match their eye shadow to either their clothing or their natural eye color.

In order to experiment with eye makeup ideas, it is important to determine the shape of your eyes and how you would like to accentuate them. The following are some easy eye makeup ideas.

  • Many women have what is known as hooded eyes. This is where the eyelids look partially closed. This is a simple problem to fix. To open up the eye, you want to minimize the eyelid and draw attention to your brows. Since more attention will be paid to your eye brows, you will want to make sure that they are shaped properly. In this scenario, you would not brush your shadow over the entire lid. Applying eye makeup under the lower lashes also helps with drawing attention away from the eyelid.
  • Droopy eyes are simply caused by getting older. There is nothing that can be done to stop it. However, you can camouflage the droopiness by utilizing a basic makeup kit and using all three shades. To do this, you would fully cover the lid with shadow. Using the contour shade under the eye, along the lash line also helps to hide this sign of aging.

Even if your eyes are flawless and gorgeous, there are still eye makeup ideas that will certainly enhance their beauty.

  • The Cat Eye technique is a sexy idea that draws attention to the eyes and if done correctly, will make them appear larger.
  • Using brightly colored eye shadow is a trend that many people hesitate to do because they are uncertain if they can pull it off. The answer is yes, you can. It is very easy and will make you feel fun and flirtatious. Use bright colored shadows like blue, turquoise, lilac, or green to enhance your eyes and your wardrobe.
  • Spice up your smokey eye with a little metallic shimmer eyeliner. To really make this look pop, use a colored shadow in place of the standard black or grey.

When testing out new eye makeup ideas, it is important to keep these key tips in mind.

  • False eyelashes are excellent for special occasions but you do not want to over use them.
  • Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara to really open your eyes.
  • If you are going with dramatic eye makeup, do not go overboard on the lips. It will give the appearance that you are too made up and leave you feeling uncomfortable.
  • Use white eye shadow to brighten and enlarge your eyes.
  • When applying concealer and powder, apply it to the entire eye area. This will result in a longer lasting eye makeup appearance.
  • Keep your pencils sharp. It is wise to sharpen your brow pencils, and your eyeliners before each use.
  • Use shimmer shadows to add drama to your basic look.
  • If you do not have time to get your eyebrows waxed or plucked, you can use any type of hair gel to hold your brows in place. But don’t mess up your brushes. Use an old toothbrush.

If you don’t have time to create a full look, using the mid shade in your basic kit saves precious time and looks great as well.

The most important eye make up idea of all is to simply have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment. Eye make up is not permanent. If you don’t like it, wash it off.